Hani Picture Behind .. Charming + Blue Ballet Perfect Digestion

Feb. 11, 2020, 4:14 a.m.

/ Photos Provided- Nylon Korea

Girl group EXID member Hanny has released a picture behind-the-scenes cut with colorful charm.

Hani's agency, Surbrim Artist Agency, released a number of behind-the-scenes pictures of Nylon Korea (NYLON KOREA) on November 11.

Hani, who showed a fascinating beauty picture, is also a figure that completes a pure and youthful atmosphere by digesting various styles from costume to hair and makeup in the behind-the-scenes cut.

Meanwhile, Haney is currently appearing as the main character Nana in the drama "XX" (XX), co-produced by Playlist and MBC.,In "XX", where Spakeasy Bar XX head bartender Nana unexpectedly solves problems for the couple around him and tells the story of overcoming wounds about his past love, Hani is playing a stable performance after the actor turn.

Especially, Hani's delicate acting, which revives the emotions of the character, leads the entire drama and leads to the popularity of 'XX'.

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Hani Picture Behind .. Charming + Blue Ballet Perfect Digestion
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