'Friendly Entertainment' Choi Soo-jong X Kim Jun-ho X Robin Dayana, but not at night group kneel

Feb. 11, 2020, 3:43 a.m.

Art shooting scene open gallery move Friendly Entertainment (photo=MBN)

'Friendly Entertainment' Choi Soo-jong, Kim Jun-ho, and Robin Dayana are kneeling on the moon night, stimulating curiosity.

MBN 'Friendly Entertainment', which is broadcasted every Tuesday, is a real variety where foreigners and Koreans who are proud to love our country more than anyone else are fiercely confronted with one heart.,On the air today (No. 11), the second showdown between Choi Soo-jong, Kim Jun-ho, Sam O'Hurry, and Robin Dayana, who went on a gourmet trip to Jeolla Province, will be unveiled.

Among them, the steel that is released attracts attention because it contains the figure of Choi Soo-jong, Kim Jun-ho and Robin Dayana who are kneeling in the middle of the night.,The three of them are kneeling on the ground, not on the floor.,Moreover, Choi holds the staff's feet with both hands, while Kim Jun-ho and Robin Dayana steal their eyes with a polite collection of hands.

This is Choi Soo-jong's image in the process of performing a foot massage mission to the audio director.,Choi Soo-jong, who sat on his knees without hesitation, carefully washed the audio director's feet and continued to focus his attention on his feet with a lot of affection.,Kim Jun-ho-Robin Dayana, who saw his eldest brother Choi Soo-jong, also automatically knelt down and laughed.

In the meantime, Kim Jun-ho is interested in the fact that he heard the grievances of the audio director who listens to all the sounds without hesitation and laughed with his face.,Choi Soo-jong said, "I will try to make good sounds while I work together.",Therefore, interest in the chemistry of the 'friendly entertainment' team, which warms up the dark winter night, is amplified.

Meanwhile, the real variety “Friends (Korean) Entertainment” that makes Korea feel affectionate in the midst of a growing friendship will be broadcast today (No. 11 p.m.) at 11 p.m.

Shin Ji-won, Hankyung.com, an entertainment and issue team reporter news reports and press releases

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'Friendly Entertainment' Choi Soo-jong X Kim Jun-ho X Robin Dayana, but not at night group kneel
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