'Idol Radio' This month's girl "Isuman, we participate in producer reporting on possibility"

Feb. 11, 2020, 3:41 a.m.

This month's girl talked about producing Lee Soo-man.

The girl of the group month appeared on MBC standard FM 'Idol Radio' which was conducted by Ohmy Girl Seung Hee and Vinny on February 10 and expressed her feelings that she became 'Sungdeok'.,The girl of the month is known as a long-time fan of Omai Girl, who plays special DJ.

“When Choi and the plateau leave and go to their quarters, they keep watching Omaigirl on TV, and even when they move, they see a lot of moving things in between,” Eve said.,“I was a fan of Omai Girl before my debut,” said the plateau, and “I’m most shaken in my life now. I’ve been shaking since the schedule was set.”,“Health is important,” said Ohmy Girl Seung-hee, “and if you have any ill-health, you should tell me.,I am doing so well now and I am cool on the stage, so I want to work just like now. "

Prior to starting the full-scale corner, there was also a time to celebrate the birthday of the girl member Kim Lip of the month, who celebrated his birthday on the same day.,“I had a late schedule yesterday, but Vivi had cooked seaweed soup all night and gave it to me in the morning, so impressed that I enjoyed eating eggs and rice,” Kim said.,“I want to eat Mara Tteokbokki, which Eve does, and Eve does a great job of cooking,” Kim added.

The girl of the month, who came back with her second ep album ', worked with SM Entertainment producer Lee Soo-man and became a hot topic.,“Producer Lee Soo-man was working on a global project and found out about us,” Eve said.,“He was grateful to see the cover of NCT127’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ and to discover our potential and to participate as a producer.”,“I was so happy and happy to be able to do this song because of producer Isuman, who is preparing this album.,I would like to see you in person.”

Hee-jin introduced the title song "So What", which gave a special record to the girl of the month, as "a song that contains a message to break the prejudice frame set by the world and move forward confidently.",Unlike before, the girl of the month, who returned to a strong concept, said, "I like the concept of Sen.",The aftershock is the most frantic member of the album concept and the most exciting member. "Of course, I am good, but Olivia Hye, Kim Lip, Eve, and my sisters who are good to go together to refund are (especially) good.",(Photo = MBC)

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